A unique and complete lost and found management service

Enhance your Customer experience with a unique lost item return service. The time savings is immediate as is the caring impression your business will leave with your customers.

What does PeeK’in do for hotel professionals?

How it works?


You discover a lost and found item


You enter it on the
the app in 1 minute


The owner is informed by SMS and/or email


They get their item sent back or come to pick it up

Why choose PeeK’in?

Develop a close relationship with your customers

Strengthen the relationship by offering an innovative and tailor-made service. Owners will thank you for it!

Save time to better focus on your core business tasks

Thanks to the automation of time-consuming actions, Peek’in saves you precious time, which makes you more available.

Reassure your users with a professional and reliable service

PeeK’in allows a fast and secured return for the item (transport, bank and personal details).

Let your quality of service shine!

Announcing your customers good news, you will improve your reputation and let them know about it.

Try PeeK’in
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