The PeeK’in touch

The aim of PeeK’in is to facilitate the recovery of lost and found items and to save time for the teams who manage them. In other words: to be of service!

Once upon a time…

At the origin of PeeK’in there is Jérôme Pasquet, our founder. Used to travelling for work, he noticed that not a week went by, without him or one of his colleagues forgetting an item in a hotel. With long delays, difficulties to settle a shipment, and packages made from old boxes, he has seen it all!

After discussing theses issues with hoteliers, he ordered a market study which confirmed that there were many more in the same situation. PeeK’in was born, with the aim of freeing professionals from these time-consuming tasks. They are happy to concentrate on their job and become available for their customers.


PeeK’in’s DNA is to be of service for their client. Because hotels go out of their way to meet their customers’ expectations: we all have the same objective!

Moreover, the PeeK’in app was designed with hoteliers, and it is constantly being improved thanks to requests from our clients in all sectors: it’s co-development, with simplicity as our leitmotiv.

We invest ourselves daily so that the efficiency of our application and our logistic service goes hand in hand with conviviality : our customers appreciate that we listen to them.

The team

Various profiles with diferent background with one common thing: loving beeing of service!

Jérôme Pasquet


Founder of PeeK’in, he ensures the durability and smooth running while maintaining a trust relationship with our client.

Jérôme Dumas


Computer or toolbox, it doesn’t matter to him: Jérôme is constantly building and improving his creations to improve the future!

Pauline Butault

#international girl

She carries PeeK’in’s voice internationally! Go Go Go!

Charly Allemand


An appreciated sense of contact and an immoderate taste for challenges!

Solène Lelièvre


Solène is our customer service obsession: Customers, Yes She Cares!

Antoine Nourris


Responsible for the smooth running of the PeeK’in application and its evolution.

Hedi Blagui

#fit boy

He adds a playful touch to lost and found items registration through the magic of AI.