Building a loyal connection with your customers by efficiently returning their lost item

Offer a premium service to your customers and save your staff a lot of time!

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Curious to find out how you could improve the well-being of your staff and enhance your e-reputation?

Many businesses save time and build a connection to their customers on a daily basis with PeeK’in

Returning lost items in a caring way builds loyalty and enhances customer satisfaction

Thank you for this service. In 25 years of business travel, I have lost items in hotel rooms but have never been offered to have them sent back to me. Well done!

– Stéphane S. customer of the Novotel Paris La Defense Hotel

Dramatically reduce staff time handling lost items – by up to 75%

You will no longer have to manage :

  • Contacts with the owners of items,
  • Searches for shipping rates,
  • Payments from your clients,
  • The packagings and deliveries to the Post Office.

Reduce your inventory of lost and found items by 50%.

Save space! As an added bonus, you save owners from unnecessary replacement purchases and help reduce the environmental footprint of your business!

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More than 10 million items are forgotten every year in France! Could you imagine all those disappointed people and the amount of useless purchases due to it!

With the legal obligation to keep lost and found items for a minimum of 1 year, professionals find themselves with very bulky stocks. However, notifying owners is simple with an app that allows them to choose themselves if they want to have their item sent back. Professionals only have to print out the slip and prepare the parcel for collection by a courier.